Shortlink – to handle your finances

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard you cannot miss their online services on The website offers you all the resources required to handle your finances without taking too much time or confusion. The site is very user friendly and simply and the only part which seemed difficult to comprehend for the average person was the terms and agreement. You can navigate through the website with ease and the inter linking of the website doesn’t confuse you. They also have an active customer care service, which you can use via the internet, through e mail, or the phone.


If You Work For Sears Or Kmart Then Is a Website You’ll Want To Visit Often

In this day and age when so many people no longer feel as though they can count on having long term job security, knowing where you stand with the company you work for can be a big concern. For those employees of Sears and Kmart stores, becoming familiar with how to use the companies Human Resource site can be a huge benefit in helping an employee feel more security in their job and knowing their benefits.

What Exactly Is ?

For those who are wondering what is it is simply the website for the companies human resource department and contains a lot of information that is helpful to employees of the company. The site is divided into several helpful sections such as Health, Compensation, and Network; Training, Performance, and Retention, and Personal Information and Total Rewards.


How can you Benefit from the Walmart Money Network?

If you work for Walmart, then you certainly have heard about the Walmart money network. This is actually one of the methods that Walmart employees would use when receiving their payroll from Walmart. But before you decide to make use of this facility for your pay, it is important that you are aware of the benefits that you can obtain out of using the Walmart money network.

How it Works

Before we go on with the benefits of the money network, it is important that you first understand how it really works. If you decide to use the facility, you will be given a Money Network MasterCard Paycard as well as Money NetworkTM Checks. When payroll comes, your wages will be deposited directly to this card or check and you will usually get your money in the morning of your payday. You will have access to your wages through the Walmart money network pay card or by writing a check through the Money Network Check.


What Are Walmart Money Card Fees?

Walmart Money card fees are fees associated to using the Money card. Most credit and debit cards have some fees attached to them. When you use a debit card or a credit card, the companies that issue these cards charge certain fees. With the Walmart money card too there are some fees that you would have to pay to use the card.

When you look at the Walmart Money cards fees, you will find that they are very reasonable as compared to any other debit card. Some of these fees can be avoided but others would be charged to your card account. Some of the fees are charged monthly while there are some fees that are deducted at the end of the transaction.

Here is a list of Walmart Money card fees;

• Setup and Monthly charges. There is no activation fee but there is a flat $3.00 monthly fee which is waived for the next month if you deposit $1000 or more into your account.


How To Get a Walmart Money Card

You may have heard of the Walmart Money card and you may be wondering how to get a Walmart money card. It is not at all difficult to get one of these cards, but you have to understand what they are and how they work before you apply for one.

A Walmart Money card is a prepaid debit card and it can also be used like a credit card. This card can be useful if you happen to frequent Walmarts a lot. Not only can you do all your purchases with the card but you can also use it to get money back up to $100.00 on each transaction. In order to be able to these things though you should have the money available to you on the Walmart card. This card though can be used as a credit card is a debit card and is backed by the funds that you have deposited into your account.


What You Should Know about 88sears Payroll direct Deposit

If you work for Sears, then you should check out the 88Sears Human Resources website. This site allows you to view your benefits as an employee of Sears, including health benefits, financial benefits and many more. The website, which is accessible through, also contains links to your compensation. One of the options under the compensation link is the 88sears payroll direct deposit.

What is Direct Deposit?

With the direct deposit option, the payroll that you receive from Sears will automatically be deposited to your bank account. This usually takes place at around 9AM Eastern Time during the payday schedule. According to the website, almost 85 percent of Sears’ employees have taken advantage of the 88sears payroll direct deposit.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits that you can get if you choose the direct deposit option for your Payroll with Sears. So here are some of the benefits of 88sears payroll direct deposit.


88Sears Benefits

If you are an employee of Sears Holding, then it is necessary that you are aware of all the benefits that you get to receive from the company. And aside from knowing what benefits you can receive from Sears, you should also find out how you can avail of any of these benefits. The best thing that you can do is to access the 88Sears website, and refer to the 88Sears benefits section.

Access the Website

First of all, you need to visit the 8Sears Human Resources website, by typing in Once you are on the site, simply refer to the left hand side corner of the page and look for the “About HR” option and click on “Benefits”. Remember that the 88Sears benefits link is only accessible if you are using a computer that is within the Sears’ Network.


88Sears Associate Discount Policy

If you work for Sears or any of its affiliates, then you must be familiar with the 88Sears Human Resources website. The website can be accessed through, and is designed for employees and staff of the Sears Holding Corporation. The website allows employees access to information about their pay checks, benefits, compensation and many more. One of the most important information that you can find on the site is the 88Sears associate discount policy.

88Sears Benefits

As soon as you access the website, you will be taken to the homepage immediately where you will find information about the employee benefits. On this section, you will find information on the latest updates about benefits, such as the Spring Voluntary Benefits, Annual Enrollment Information and even access to the Benefits Newsletters which employees get to receive on a regular basis. If you scroll down at the bottom, you will find the “Other Benefits” section and one of the things that you will find here is the 88Sears associate discount policy.


How to Transfer from PayPal to a Walmart Card

One of the great benefits of owning a Walmart card is that you can actually transfer funds from your PayPal account going to this card. To do this, make sure that you have added the card to your PayPal account, and remember that this card is a debit card and not a credit card.

Visit the Walmart MoneyCard Site

First of all, go to the website of Walmart MoneyCard and key-in your user ID and password in order to log in. Next, click on the option that says online bank transfer. You will find this right below the “Add funds” section. After that, look for the option that says, “Make a bank transfer reload”.

Provide your Bank Details

The next step is to provide the name of the issuing bank as well as the routing number and your ACH number. You should choose “checking account “and then click on log out when you’re done.


How to Set Up Direct Deposit to Your Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard holders will certainly be thrilled to know that they can now set up a direct deposit account with their Walmart MoneyCard. If you choose to enroll for a direct deposit account, you can have your paycheck funds loaded to the card automatically which you can then use to shop from Walmart. With a direct deposit account, all the money that is deposited to your account will go directly to your card and this feature is free of charge. Here’s how to do it.

Visit the Website

First of all, you should go to the website of Walmart MoneyCard, bytyping in in your browser. Click on the option to log in, which is found on the homepage of the site. Key-in your user ID and password and click on “log-in”. First time users should click on “Create Online User ID”.


How to Check the Balance on my Walmart Money Card?

If you are a holder of the Walmart money card, it is very important that you know how to check your balance especially after you make a purchase. This is to avoid any overdraft fees because you might use your card not knowing that the balance in there is not enough to pay for your purchases. So here’s how to check the balance on your card.

Visit any Walmart Store

One way to check your balance is to visit any of the Walmart stores near you. If you make a purchase on that store, the balance will automatically appear on your receipt. But if you are not planning to buy anything, then you can simply approach the clerk and ask if they can scan your Walmart money card and check the balance.


88Sears W2 Forms – Where Can You Download These Forms?

Employees of Sears, Kmart and other companies that belong to the Sears Holding Corporation, can rely on the 88Sears website for information about their employee benefits, compensation and other information regarding their employment. On this website, employees will also have access to the 88Sears W2 forms.

What is the W2 Form?

The W2 form is basically a report of all the earnings and wages of an employee for the previous year. This form documents all the wages that the employee received from Sears Holding Corporation. This contains information of all the pay checks that an employee received in the past year. For more information about this, you can simply refer to the 88Sears site, and refer to the Compensation section under Benefits. This is where you will also find the 88Sears W2 forms.


How Does Walmart Money Card Work?

If you are a frequent shopper of Walmart, then you should know more about the Walmart Money Card. This can be a great help for you, especially on those times when you need to shop online, yet you do not have any credit card that you can use. The money card is also ideal to those who have poor credit rating and cannot apply for a traditional credit card.

Reloadable Card

If you are someone who cannot afford to apply for a credit card simply because of your poor credit rating, then the Walmart Money Card is the best option for you. The reason is because Walmart will not take into consideration your credit rating when issuing the card. It is a reloadable card, which means that you can use it only when you put money into it. It can be used anywhere, just like any traditional card.


Beware of Walmart Money Card Scams

Because of the convenience that it brings, a lot of people would now prefer to transact using prepaid cards, such as the Walmart money card. But because of the increasing number of prepaid card users, a lot of scammers have taken advantage of this. In fact, if you do a search online, you will find a lot of people getting victimized by Walmart money card scams. In order not to fall trap in these scams, read this article now.

Misleading Ads

A survey revealed that there are more than 200,000 complaints recorded on prepaid card scams as a result of misleading ads. Because of this, it is important that you first read and understand the terms and conditions about the Walmart money card before you decide to apply for this card. Walmart money card scams happen simply because people are not aware of things, either because they fail to notice these things or they just did not care to read and understand.


Walmart Prepaid Card

If you are fond of shopping at Walmart, then you certainly must have heard about the Walmart prepaid card. This card is said to be the smartest and the easiest way to manage your money, whether you are buying groceries, clothing, accessories, furniture and other stuff at any Walmart store. The Walmart prepaid card is safe and convenient to use and can be used in paying for your purchases at the Walmart online store and at any of the Walmart outlets near you.

How to Get it

So after hearing all the good things about using the prepaid card from Walmart, you are probably so excited by now in getting the card. You will be thrilled to know that applying for the card is so easy. In fact, you don’t need to have a bank account just to be approved of a Walmart prepaid card. You can even choose to apply online and if you do this, Walmart will waive your insurance fee and that there will be no overdraft fees charged to you. The card is the safest way to manage your shopping money, so if you find yourself always short of money for your shopping trip to Walmart, then you better consider applying for the Walmart prepaid card.


The employee portal –

The employee portal – – is quite an advantageous website for Walmart employees because they can access their files, benefit information and connect with their fellow employees online.

Employees of Walmart who need to access and print their paystubs can go to login and sign in using their account. Employees can also log in to the portal to get connected with their co-employees. Thus, retrieving of files and connecting with other employees are very easy.

Accessing Walmart Benefits

• Login

Employees who want to view their online stub, read stories from Walmart alumni or connect with current employees can log in to the portal by providing their username and password.


Learning About Sears Employee Investment Options For The 88Sears 401 K Plan

If you are like most people just starting your career at Sears or Kmart, retirement may not be something that is on your mind. However, retirement can sneak up on you before you know so checking out the 88sears 401 K plan might be a good idea if you are a full time associate of the company.

What is a 401K Plan

88sears 401k plan

In general a 401K plan is a retirement plan that the employee pays for themselves through payroll deductions. While 88sears 401K can tell you more details about just how the plan specifically works, in general these plans allow the employee to decide on the amount they want deducted from their weekly paychecks. That money is then collected by the company, in this case Sears or Kmart and sent on to the company handling the plan. There is usually various options that you the employee can choose from when contributing to a 401K plan.