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88Sears Human Resource

In this day and age employees need to be more informed than ever before regarding their rights, benefits, potential career moves and other important employment information. For those employees who work for Sears and Kmart the 88Sears Human resource website that is found at will give you the information you need right when you need.

Who is the Website For?

The 88sears human resource website is for any employee or past employee who has worked for Sears or Kmart. Not only does this site contain general information regarding health and life insurance policies, but also gives you personal information regarding your individual benefits, your pay and other relevant information.

All the Information You Need is right at Your Fingertips

One of the things employees and retired employees like about the 88Sears human resource website is that it allows them to access the information they need any time of day or night. This information is readily available at their fingertips and can be accessed with a simple click of the mouse. This makes it easy for employees to find all kinds of information from the benefits they have earned to those they can potential earn. It allows them to make changes to their contact information and their direct deposit as well as see what kind of training they have, and what kind of additional training they might want to undergo.

Checking Out Your Financial Benefits

The 88Sears human resource site allows you to check out your financial benefits you may have earned or contributed too such as your 401K fund, the employees stock purchase plan, and your retirement plan and account information.

In addition you can also view possible medical plans such their health plan, prescription plans, and disability options. They even have dental plans and other medical plans that you can look into.

Other Information

There is other information you can access from the 88sears human website as well, such as information on their adoption assistance program to help people who are trying to adopt, as well as taking advantage of their job listings if you are planning to move to a new area or if you know someone looking for a job.

The site contains a wealth of information that most people find helpful to know and due to the fact that they can access this information right from their home computer makes finding it quick and easy.

While the 88sears human resource website made not make you more proficient at your job, it can and does make it more efficient and convenient to find out information regarding your employment with the Sears and Kmart. So why not visit and start becoming more informed about your employment.

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