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How can you Benefit from the Walmart Money Network?

If you work for Walmart, then you certainly have heard about the Walmart money network. This is actually one of the methods that Walmart employees would use when receiving their payroll from Walmart. But before you decide to make use of this facility for your pay, it is important that you are aware of the benefits that you can obtain out of using the Walmart money network.

How it Works

Before we go on with the benefits of the money network, it is important that you first understand how it really works. If you decide to use the facility, you will be given a Money Network MasterCard Paycard as well as Money NetworkTM Checks. When payroll comes, your wages will be deposited directly to this card or check and you will usually get your money in the morning of your payday. You will have access to your wages through the Walmart money network pay card or by writing a check through the Money Network Check.

What are the Benefits?

So now that you are aware of how the money network works, it’s time that you find out the benefits that you can earn out of using this facility. Here are some of them:

• The Walmart money network pay card will not require you to pay any start-up or monthly fees. Unlike applying for a credit card, you will not be asked to go through a background check or credit verification procedures.

• Another advantage of the money network pay card is that you will be able to monitor your account by means of text messaging services or via email. Both services are for free and all you need is to sign up for it. When you sign up, you will be able to monitor how much money you have in your money network account.

• By having a Walmart money network account, you will be able to obtain paystub information online or through text messaging service. You can also request for it through the phone or via email, whichever you prefer.

Why Choose the Money Network?

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, there are actually several other benefits that you can enjoy with your Walmart money network account. With this option, it will be easier for you to keep track of your wages and if you decide to use your money to pay bills, you also have an option to do this online, with the help of your money network account.