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The Steps Involved for the Walmart Money Card Activation Process

Walmart money card is a kind of prepaid card that users can use to shop at any Walmart store, including the online store which can be accessed at The great thing about using the money card is that you can load it as much as you want and shop as many times as you wish. Basically, the card works just like any kind of debit card. When you purchase your Walmart money card, take note that you cannot use it right away. You will need to activate the card first and here are the steps to help you with your Walmart money card activation procedure.

Walmart Money Card Activation

Log on to the Website

You will need to log in to the website in order for you to activate your money card. So first, go to and then click on Set Up and Activate option that is found on the top portion of the website. You will be asked to choose the type of money card before you can start with the Walmart money card activation procedure. The two types of Walmart money card are the cards bought in a store and the cards received in a mall.

Key-in the Card Number

As soon as you choose the type of money card that you have, you will immediately be redirected to a section where you need to key-in the 16 digit number on your Walmart money card. The number is easily visible as it is clearly printed right in front of the card. To finish up the Walmart money card activation process, you will have to enter the three digit code that is shown right at the back of the card. Type in the three digit code on the shaded box and click continue to proceed to the next step.

Fill Out the Information Needed

The next step of the Walmart money card activation process is to fill out the information that is being asked on the activation page. Among the information required are your personal information, such as your first name, middle initials, last name and complete address. You also need to fill out your Social Security Number as well as your date of birth.

Your Walmart money card can be used to purchase several different products on the site such as clothing, shoes, housewares, toys, gadgets, gardening equipment, groceries and sporting goods. Your card also allows you to purchase from the actual Walmart store near you, just make sure that your money card has enough funds to cover your purchases and that you have undergone the process of the Walmart money card activation.

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