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The employee portal –

The employee portal – – is quite an advantageous website for Walmart employees because they can access their files, benefit information and connect with their fellow employees online.

Employees of Walmart who need to access and print their paystubs can go to login and sign in using their account. Employees can also log in to the portal to get connected with their co-employees. Thus, retrieving of files and connecting with other employees are very easy.

Accessing Walmart Benefits

• Login

Employees who want to view their online stub, read stories from Walmart alumni or connect with current employees can log in to the portal by providing their username and password.

New employees should register at the site to be able to gain access to the portal. Users just need to access the portal through (redirected to then click the ‘Register’ tab. The user should provide his or her birth date, Social Security Number and date when he or she was hired at Walmart. If he or she doesn’t know the date, he or she can ask the HR department for the information.

A valid personal email address should also be provided. Five security questions should also be chosen for the protection of the user. The users should remember to write down the answer to the questions to make sure that they can access their account even when they have forgotten their password. Then, the user should create a unique username and password that he or she will use to access the portal.

• Online Paystub

Employees do not have to go to the company’s office just to retrieve their paystub. They just have to go to Walmart’s portal site and sign in using their account. Once logged in, the user can view, download and print their paystub by selecting the ‘My Money’ tab at the menu on top of the screen. Click ‘Payroll’ then select the date of the stub that the user wants to view. The payroll stub for the selected month is going to appear at the screen and the user can download or print it.

• Work Schedule, Benefits and More

Employees can view their work schedule at the website. The portal enables the users to know the hourly Walmart stores so that they would know their schedule, which is quite a convenience to avoid being late.

Benefits can also be viewed at Employees will be able to know the benefits that they can get through their account. Also, stories and testimonials from former employees can also be viewed at the portal.